Chemicalresistant Fans


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The group is a significant supplier of industrial fans with great innovation ability and 40 years of experience. With modern production facilities and advanced technology we can satisfy our customers’ needs, no matter if it is standard or customized solutions.

Chemicalresistant fans and accesories

Chemically resistant fans : One kind of fans we offer is chemically resistant fans. These are manufactured in a variety of plastic materials (such as polypropylene and PVC) and in stainless steel. Our chemically resistant fans are used in plastic processing, shrink packaging, chemical plants, chemical cabinet, chemical laboratories, laboratory hoods, the extraction of corrosive fumes, dusty air, smoke, and various combustion gases. Ventur chemically resistant fans are offered in a number of performances such as in-line fans, centrifugal fans and roof fans. By this we can meet customers need for a wide variety of applications, depending on customer environment and the desired working point. Motors to our fans can on request be supplied with different voltage or frequency and an increased level of protection. We also offer accessories such as flanges, connectors, air flow controllers and more. : Chemically resistant fans
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